The Power of Love

The Power of Love

February is the month of LOVE – a time to show your appreciation to the loved ones in your life. It can be a challenge juggling the busy lives that we lead. We may get caught up in our regular routines with family, work or just life in general, and we (including myself) may sometimes forget about the loved ones in our lives we take for granted.

Now is the perfect time to stop and show a little bit of love, compassion and kindness to all the people around you that make your life what it is today. So step back from all the chaos on your to do list, get on a path to realizing that love is all around you, and make a commitment to appreciate it more often. How about  taking this practice into each and every aspect of your life? Expression of love is the key element to inner peace. Break open your heart that is filled with that goodness and let it pour forth.

Here are 3 tips to help you get back to living a life filled with peace through love.

1. Practice Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness, also known as metta, begins at your home and your inner belief system. It comes from the root of your being; it starts with perceiving obstacles in your life in a manner of compassion, and making this practice not just a once a year commitment. Showing simple acts of affections through hugging, a small gesture of placing your arm around someone, a pat on the back or even a smile can generate good feelings of being loved.  Can you commit to being kind more often (not just today but everyday?). Talking the talk and living from that place ofmetta on a daily basis is a key element to expressing the love that is within each of us.

2. Love Yourself

Appreciate the beauty found within yourself more often. Be happy who you are inside your skin and appreciate the goodness that you are of made of. If you don’t love who you are, how can you love others? So take time to indulge in just being happy being you. Treat your self to something special. Maybe it’s a nature walk in solitude, a pedicure, a manicure, or even a massage. How about treating yourself to a matinee play and indulging in a little bit of “me time”? Take those moments of just being in stillness with yourself and be okay with it. Practice saying something positive about yourself more often. Then, share your goodness with everyone around you. Love yourself from the inside out. Be happy being you.

3. Random Deeds of Kindess

Expressing random deeds of kindness is a motto we can always follow. Try doing something special today for someone you know or don’t know – someone that can use an extra dose of love and kindness sent their way. Take note of how you feel afterwards. These small notions of doing something kind randomly can move someone’s day in the right direction. These small gestures of affection, can do wonders knowing someone cares and loves you. Practicing random deeds of kindness is an opportunity to do something kind for someone else, to appreciate someone to the fullest while expecting nothing back in return.

So instead of just acknowledging your loved ones during the month of February, how about taking this beautiful emotion we all share within us into our lives and into our world and live in this manner on a daily basis? Showing and expressing love by giving, sharing, and receiving are key elements to breaking open the built up frustrations and tensions that we face on a daily basis. Express your love regularly to your loved ones either verbally or by physical touch. Practicing loving kindness and self love and allow your heart to expand and shine bright. Find love within and express it like you’ve never expressed it before. Have a heart that is filled with love for yourself and love for others. A place of love is where the heart lies. Let it burst and expand to the point of illumination.

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