The Healing Power of Yoga

The Healing Power of Yoga

Sixteen years ago, my nephew, who is now 16 years old, was diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening disease called Hunter Syndrome (Mucopolysaccharidosis Type II). It’s a condition that affects the skeletal and muscular systems and can cause dwarfism, enlarged organs, lack of walking and talking, living life from a G-tube and a reduced life span.

After hearing this, my life suddenly came to a halt. I felt my heart literally break and in this process my life changed significantly. Until then, I didn’t think that anything like this could present itself in my life. This was a traumatic situation and a rude awakening that affected our family drastically.

I was physically and emotionally affected from this life-changing experience. The feeling of being happy was gone. I became very depressed for many months to follow knowing that a small child—my own flesh and blood—had a horrific disease with no cure. Life sucked for me at that moment and I couldn’t spark a smile for months to follow.

We literally take life for granted and then suddenly something so tragic lands on your door step. I became angry, sad, confused, pissed off, depressed… so many emotions intertwined into the fabric of my being.

Then… I met yoga. Having a background of several years in the fitness industry, I thought what the hey…. lets add another certification under my belt. And so, I began my adventure into the yoga world. I was automatically drawn to this yoga thing. There was something magical and special about it. As I began to tap deeper into the yogic lifestyle, I started to accept things more gracefully and I began my healing process. I began to move forward along this halt of a ride I was on. I started feeling happier, I started to smile again and I accepted things more easily.

The weaving of meditation, the tuning inwards, the discipline of the asanas (postures), along with this life-giving breath has sparked the Light inside me once again.

Yoga has a magical quality and I experience it daily. I now own my own studio, Namaste Yoga, and I love sharing the art of yoga with all. I have seen my students let go and begin to heal from whatever traumatic life experience they have confronted.

If you’re thinking of plunging into the ocean of yoga, I say go for it! Dive deep and immerse yourself. Enjoy the ride and allow this mindful practice to bring you to a state of being happy for no reason at all.

Yoga taught me to be more grateful on a daily basis for all the smaller things in my life and I have finally come to the agreement to accept things in a calmer manner.

Thank you yoga for getting me through this crazy, unexpected life journey and experience.

I’m happy being me now, once again.

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