What people are saying

Thanks Linda,  I just love coming in to class – you are a very gifted teacher who creates an environment that promotes growth and healing.  I am also very happy to have met you along my path. 


Hi Linda, Once again, thank you for last night… You are amazing!!  Quite the yogi….intense, kind, aligned with Spirit….you were meant to do this work.


You my darling are full of awesomeness!!! Love you and your classes! 🙂


Thank you Linda.  I so value your positive, healing energy.  You exude such peace. 


I think that your style, energy, and genuine love for yoga resonates throughout the entire class.  Both Mark and I LOVED our experience at your beautiful yoga studio.


Just wanted to let you know that your class today was amazing.  I loved the vibe, the music and the different mixes of poses… You’re awesome as ALWAYS. Love ya, Maria


I just wanted to say that your classes over the last few days have been a real saviour and provided me with some sanity and relief. Not just physically, but emotionally as well. More emotionally. 


The studio is amazing, and your classes are awesome, you are gifted, and its a bonus that you are in our neighbourhood. 


Welcome to your path … your journey into yoga

You have been an integral part of my grieving and healing. You truly are a gifted soul. 

We all think that you are just AMAZING and we are so grateful that you have come to us!!! So thank you for your wonderful talent and gift of kindness, instruction, support, encouragement, and laughter.


So for me, coming to your class is a ‘metaphorical’ transition from being ‘closed and focused’ to reconnecting with some sense of balance, openness (especially muscular) and peace. 

Steve Cino

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s class. You have an intuitive sense of timing and variation that provides the opportunity for connecting to a wholistic experience at both the physical and “spiritual” level. It was nice to feel a sense of personal growth yesterday in connecting to the breathing and movement; something that I have to certainly work on but much better than has happened in my previous yoga experiences. You are providing me a glimpse of what might be…..and helping to re-open doors to a physical/spiritual connection that I have let go over the last few years with the busyness of my life. 

Steve Cino

Thank you very much Linda. Today’s class was very special to me. There is something divine about you and the way you teach, and coming from a traditional Hindu background, I appreciate this greatly and revere you as a guru from lifetimes before. This morning there was a very special energy around me, and at the end when we gave thanks, tears of joy came to my eyes and I can only interpret this as a validation of sorts.

Gita Naipaul