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Yoga is a life long journey and a path to overcome limitations of your body and mind so you can move towards a more conscious and joyful life.

I teach with the intention that each individual leaves class feeling strong and vibrant so they too can live each day to its fullest, embracing the goodness in everyone and everything.

Yoga changed my outlook on life and I am so grateful I get to share its gifts with the world. I look forward to seeing you soon.



What to Expect…

The space was designed to bring a sense of calmness and tranquility. Our reception area is designed with a touch of Indonesian flair. It is a place for students to come together before and after their practice.

Our studio space is decorated in a light colored hardwood with a dark earth toned background evoking a feeling of warmth, comfort and tranquility, so you can end your practice with a sense of letting go. 

Classes will range from beginner to advanced levels. The schedule’s variety of classes will guide you through the process of listening to the style of class that works best for developing YOUR body, mind & spirit.

What to bring…

  • dress comfortably
  • your mat, if you don’t have one, they are available on a first come first serve basis
  • water
  • towel

Yoga Etiquette…

To ensure everyone enjoys their experience at at Namaste Yoga, we ask you to please follow the class etiquette.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early and sign-in at the desk before class. 
  • Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Have a light snack before class if required or hold off until after.
  • Inform the teacher prior to class if you have any serious health conditions such as neck, back, or joint injuries, recent surgery, high blood pressure, pregnancy, etc.
  • Please turn off cell phones before entering the studio.
  • Please move your mat and make space for other community members in classes.
  • If you must leave class early, try to leave before the rest of the class begins meditation to avoid disrupting their resting time.
  • Remember we are all here to connect to ourselves. Please do not engage in conversation during class.
  • Avoid wearing any scents or perfumes (some are sensitive and have allergies to odours) 
  • Please place all mats and props away cleanly and safely in their proper storage place. 
  • For hygienic purposes and to respect others of their personal space, be mindful of not stepping on other mat.  

Thank you all for your cooperation in making Linda Summers Yoga  enjoyable for all.

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