Appreciate the smaller things

Appreciate the smaller things

It’s so easy to just say those words, “appreciate the smaller things.” Sometime we get caught up in the ebb and flow of life’s expectations and we forget to take some time to dwell in the moment of gratitude for all the smaller things that make your life what it is today.

So this is my experience…while rushing around trying to get all my chores done, in the background I heard the faint sound of a child (my daughter) playing quietly with herself, enthralled in the moment. I stopped—and just listened. That innocent sound of a child in her moment of enjoyment made me stop, and take in the goodness of what was happening in that moment. I felt uplifted and I began to smile and quietly offered a moment of gratitude for experiencing such a beautiful thing.

I thought I would share this experience with you, so you too can experience a moment of gratitude for the things we take for granted on a daily basis.

Here are a couple of tips on how to appreciate the present moment and exist in the now:

1. Take it outdoors! Take a walk, run or take it outside and lie down and gaze upwards to the sky. Soak in the goodness of mother nature. Experience the wind blowing in your hair, the sun warming your soul and just listen to the beauty that is all around you.  Hear the sounds of birds, the bees, the planes in the sky above. Then, with your inside voice, practice saying something positive about the moment you are experiencing right here, right now!

2. We begin life with a breath and we end our life with a breath. The breath is the key to experiencing yourself in this moment of conscious awareness. Try stepping away from your desk or housework or whatever is occupying your precious moment of here and now. Take a few moments to indulge in the sweetness of breath. Here’s how: Find a quiet space where you may experience oneness for a few moments and begin by closing your eyes. Elongate your spine and start to focus on watching the ebb and flow of your breath. Notice the tidal rhythm of yourself breathe and allow this opportunity of breath to calm your being, to bring you back to a moment of solitude. Stay here for a few moments…and just experience this life-giving breath. Then, quietly practice gratitude with your inside voice, be grateful for experiencing the gift of breath.

So today, try appreciating the smaller things. Offer a moment of just being and noticing the goodness and presence around you. Experience and live in this moment—the present moment—and notice how you feel afterwards.

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