A New Year. A New You

A New Year. A  New You

With another year gone by, the now is the perfect time to create & meditate on new intentions. New beginnings that are filled with dream seeking, health & self-love also known as Mehta in the Yoga tradition. Starting this new chapter of our life with a positive mindset will get you on a path to fulfilling your dreams. It’s the perfect time to get on the right track to a healthy way of living through exercising not just physically, but also mentally to balance the mind, body and spirit connection. Make yourself a promise this year for embracing the beauty that you are made of. Maybe let this be your new year intention, ¬†practicing being kinder not just to others but being more loving and kinder towards yourself. Accepting the beautiful human that you are made of. Loving yourself from the inside out is the beginning to a healthy and happy life. Accepting who you are, perfectly imperfect you, just as you are.

Here’s to another year celebrating you.

Cheers !

As for yoga, some of you have inquired about when the next session is taking place. Beginning Monday January 11th…. I will be offering a 4 week session once again at the New Hope Church in St. Catharines. It was a great turn out and the space is quite nice with a nice vibe. Scroll down for more information on the winter session.

Much love to you always.



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