5 Actions for Living Your Happiest Life

5 Actions for Living Your Happiest Life

What inspires you? What makes you come alive? In your mind’s eye, where do you picture yourself two years from now? What do you want to accomplish or obtain down your path of life? Are you happy the way you are, as you are, or do you need to change in order to follow your dream or heart’s desire?

Not following your dreams and realizing it can stir up stress, disappointment and sadness. Changing the way we think and refocusing ourselves will help us achieve and receive our wishes, just like a dream come true. Now is a great time to start pursuing and start believing we can and we will.

We all want a life filled with happiness. And what better way to find a happy heart then to allow your dreams to become a reality?

1. Have a Grateful Heart

Having a grateful heart for all the beauty that exists around us is a practice we should all bring into our daily lives. We are surrounded with so much abundance. Appreciating all that we have will allow our egos to step aside, which invites more abundance into our lives.

Action: Greet each moment of your day with a grateful heart and allow the spirit of gratitude to transform your world.

2. Positive Intentions

We have an amazing ability to create the lives of our dreams—all we have to do is believe in the miracle that lies within. Ask and you shall receive. You need to believe to achieve, so doubt your doubts and create by thought, by saying, and by visualizing your passion becoming a reality.

Action: Begin each day with positive intentions to remind yourself that you are capable of anything in this universe.

3. Meditate to Create

Meditation is a great way to get rid of all the stresses that accumulate in our bodies from everyday living. Ridding the bodies of the baggage we carry will de-clutter the mind so we can pursue our deepest desires with a clear vision.

Action: Sit quietly each day, even if it’s just for five minutes. Breathe deeply and let the tensions dissolve. Enjoy! It’s like taking a mini vacation. Meditating will create more space for the positive and allows the negative to dissipate. Meditate to let your purpose surface.

4. Develop Your Intuition

Our body has a natural intelligence called spirit that helps guide us along our path. We sometimes get a feeling or a little voice whispering to us—it’s that gut feeling of right or wrong, that inner sense of guidance. This little whispering voice within is our teacher, our guide. Learning to unlock this intuitive divine guidance will help us to achieve our true destiny and live a life filled with purpose.

Action: Listen inwardly. Let it guide you to create.

5. Create a Vision Board

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of your dreams and all the things that make you happy. Creating a vision board can help you define and get clear about what you desire for yourself. This is a powerful manifestation tool to help get you focused on what you would love to create in this lifetime.

Action: Cut out images, paste them on a  board, and keep it visible so you can view it on a daily basis. A vision board is a  wonderful tool to manifest a life of purpose, passion and dreams.

These are some tools that I bring into my life on a daily basis through yoga and meditation. Bottom line, we all deserve to be happy. Following our intuition and expressing our true deep passions will create a feeling of contentment and a life filled with inspiration and purpose.

If you never chase your dreams….you will never catch them.

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