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... intense... kind... aligned with spirit

“Once again thank you for last night… you are AMAZING!! Quite the yogi… intense, kind, aligned with spirit. You are meant to do this work.” -Grace
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Let the power found within be your guide on and off your mat. Follow your passions. Dream big. Anything is possible. Just believe. You will achieve.

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Follow @namasteyogini as Linda captures and shares photos and videos from her daily yogi life.


She’s sharing her thoughts and instantly dropping into poses all over the place. Linda’s posts get you inspired to bring more yoga into your life.


Linda’s boards are full of inspiration, feature photos of beautiful poses and boards of all things yoga.


Enjoy wonderful videos of Linda’s movements and follow along at home to make the most of your time on your mat.

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s class. You have an intuitive sense of timing and variation that provides the opportunity for connecting to a wholistic experience at both the physical and “spiritual” level. It was nice to feel a sense of personal growth yesterday in connecting to the breathing and movement; something that I have to certainly work on but much better than has happened in my previous yoga experiences. You are providing me a glimpse of what might be…..and helping to re-open doors to a physical/spiritual connection that I have let go over the last few years with the busyness of my life. 

Steve Cino

Fall Special

Fall Special

Come experience the intimate, tranquil vibe at Namaste Yoga. Offering a variety of classes from gentle to vigorous to best suit your needs.

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Fall Special


Pilates 6 Week Session

November  7th – December 12th at 9:30 am

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Pilates 6 Week Session








Pilates is an approach to exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900`s. The method focuses on strengthening the deep stabilizing core muscles, thereby working the body from the inside out, resulting in safer and more effective movements during a class and in everyday life.Other benefits of Pilates are longer and leaner muscles, improved posture, improved flexibility and joint mobility and greater body awareness.8+ HST15 Class Pass $150 + HST






Thanks Linda,  I Just love coming in to class – you are a very gifted teacher who creates an environment that promotes growth and healing.  I am also very happy to have met you along this path.